Bypass Tunnel Guru Daily Limit

Now I have wanted to write about this for a while and have finally made up my mind !

Tunnel Guru is one of the most famous Tunneling tool available in the market. But every happiness comes at a price, the price here is a daily limit, you get to have the tunneling of your choice like TCP,UDP,ICMP etc. but the limit being only 150 MB per day. So there are many ways available in the market but the method I use works for most of the time.

Firstly you will have to register your email id and then they will provide you with a id and password, which are the credentials to login into their servers. Click on the link below to go to the registration page:

Secondly you will have to download a JAVA environment in  order to install the TAP driver.

For 32-bit Windows Operating system

For 64-bit Windows Operating system

Now after downloading the JAVA runtime setup. Right click on it and click on “Run as administrator” and accept all the dialogs that pop up, basically it will install a TAP driver which will enable to connect to the server over a Ethernet.

Now you have to download the Tunnel Guru client

For 32-bit windows:

For 64-bit windows:

Now the following steps should be done precisely:

Things needed: A pendrive (which has a free space of atleast 10 MB). Using a external hardisk wont do any good.

After downloading the Tunnel Guru client , extract them on a USB drive(pendrive), Now run the client form the pendrive itself, Enter the credentials provided and click on connect. If you are using the client for the first time then it will reconnect itself after configuring itself for the first time.

After the connection has been made it will open up a facebook or twitter page of Tunnel guru, now open two or more webpages in your desired browser and then swiftly remove the pendrive from the socket. Do not use “Safe to remove option”, then the trick won’t work and that’s it enjoy unlimited access!

Now sometimes it may throw up an error that the device was not initialised, plug in the pendrive and repeat the process and thats it.

This is successful because the client does not use a ACK-SYN method to communicate with the server after the connection is made.

Comment if you face any other problems!


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