Bypass Cyberoam Restrictions

Hello Folks,

In this post we are going to discuss how to bypass “CYBEROAM” 8 layer firewall.
Well CYBEROAM is a very prominent network security appliance provider.
Cyberoam is not very strong in its hardware part but its exceptionally strong in its software part.
Well lets not get into the details and lay stress on how to crack it.

For Windows:
Software needed:

Open VPN:
It is a publicly funded VPN solution provider. There are many VPN service provider in the market, but I felt this is the best service provider among the free VPN providers. Most other VPN service provider mask their application over OPENVPN and add a config file to their server.

There are two major steps in the process of bypassing the restrictions of CYBEROAM.

The first step includes setting up the OPENVPN client.
The second step includes configuring the config files.

Downloading the OPENVPN client which can be done from the links below:

Download link for 32-BIT systems:

Download link for 64-BIT systems:

After downloading the client for your respective systems.
1-Right click on the downloaded file and “Run it as Administrator”, we have to run it as administrator in order to provide higher privileges in order to install few things(TAP drivers). While installing the OPENVPN Client you will receive a notification that a software will require admin privileges to install a TAP Driver. Click on “Install”
and allow the installation of the driver.
After the installation of the OPENVPN client, do not run the software.
Now comes the second part, configuring the config files.

2-Now there are many server in the world which provide access to their OPENVPN servers, but the most common of them are the config files of VPNBOOK.
The files can be downloaded from the link below:

Now after downloading the files from any of the link, extract the file and you will notice that there are many files, now select the file with “UDP-53” on it and copy it.
Now if you haven’t changed the default installation folder then open your local disk C:
Go to “Program Files”<<Open VPN << config and paste them in the config folder, during copying it will ask for administrator privileges click "YES" and copy the files.

Now remember that every server requires for a ID and Password, this can be obtained form the VPNBOOK website itself.
Click on the link below to migrate to the vpnbook page:
After migrating to the webpage on the left hand side or in the middle section at the bottom you will find in that the username and password.

After setting it up its time to fire up the VPN.

Go to your desktop and you will notice that a OPENVPN icon is present, right click on that and click on "Run as administrator",
In the taskbar you will find a monitor kind of icon(grey in color),
Right click on that icon and select any of the server file and click on "Connect", A dialog box will open up and ask for username and password. Enter the username and password from the website and click on connect. After connecting successfully it will pop a notification that the the server was connected successfully.
Now you can enjoy unlimited download with no restrictions from cyberoam.

The password for the servers change every week so make sure you always have the recent password else it would show authentication error.


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